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Saturday, 16 January 2010

how to get baby sleeping thro the night

We all love our babies! ----right ?

We get great ENJOYMENT from them ----right ?
Well to be honest, not as much and as often as we would like!



I have looked out of the bedroom window at 2 in the morning and felt I was the only person awake in the whole world, besides baby!
It is so unfair on you and the baby! You would both enjoy each other more if only you could get some sleep!In my experience it is the overwhelming subject if you ask new parents their impressions of early parenthood. This series of articles offers you some insights into getting you and your baby your fair share of the precious commodity, SLEEP
Having problems with getting your baby to sleep through the night is very common. In fact this is due to our issues with having to listen to our babies crying, rather than the child's issues with sleep.

When your baby is born there is an instant bond and the urge to protect them at all costs. We,as parents, see crying as a sign that the baby needs something, which is true, so when the baby cries we run to them to 'fix' their need. The problem is that when they are tired and we go to them fussing we actually stop them from getting the sleep that they need.

So first you need to re-program yourself as a parent to provide your baby with the sleep they need and this means leaving them to cry a little.

So having said all that, here are our 3 top tips to guarantee your baby sleep through the night...

1) Keep a routine - put your baby down in the same place and keep the same routine, as in what you do and what you say i.e. night night, sleep well, see you soon etc...

2) Provide them with things that they can use as their 'security blanket' - children usually choose their own security blanket/muslin/teddy, but we can help them along by putting something in their bed that is always there. I used a muslin because it was easily replaceable and easy to carry around, but you can use whatever you feel is best or cute, aslong as it is safe for babies. Make this part of the routine, giving their their teddy or whatever you have chosen. (Always try to change these items every so often so that you are not in trouble should it get lost or damaged)

3) Do not worry about noise outside their room/sleeping space - keeping the noise down when a baby is sleeping is bad because if then there is a noise the baby can be woken with a start and may even become scared. So theoretically you should be able to pass the hoover outside the baby's door without waking them. This means that no only can you continue with your life when your baby has gone to sleep, but you also do not have to worry about other children making noise or having friends and family over.

FOR INFO from Malcolm: My 13 month old son once slept soundly in the middle of a Welsh wedding party where 2 dozen inebriated guests gave many, many loud renditions of "Lloyd George new my father, father knew Lloyd George."! If you are "musical", those are the only words and they are sung to the tune of "Onward Christian soldiers". (Try it and enjoy!)

Remember that newborn babies need frequent feeding and sleeping through the night may not be possible until the baby is three month's old or later. Some babies only start sleeping through the night at a year. Once your baby is no longer waking for a feed these these three tips will ensure both you and your baby a peaceful night's sleep. These tips will work however for getting your baby to sleep at night time even before they are ready to go the whole night without a feed. Should they wake for a feed repeat the three steps when they are finished and they should go straight back off.

Article Source: Oller

More on the benefits of MUSIC:-

There is an old old saying that "music doth soothe the savage beast". Now don't get all upset, I'm not saying your baby is a savage beast, heaven forbid! The point is that music is so beneficial to humans and animals alike. From the beginning of human kind it would be safe to say that one of the first things they ever did was to have some form of music.

You've probably seen videos and CDs for babies. The question remains, do you really need it? It is strictly an individual choice. There is no doubt that music is soothing to anyone, with one exception, that hair rained new music that would upset the devil. The type of music you choose should be music that is relaxing, pleasant, low key with no loud passages. There are some theories that classical music can make your baby smarter, and exposing your baby to music is part of what we do to introduce them to all the sights and sounds of their world.

What Sounds Would A Baby Like?

Music can definitely help calm your baby down and put him in a restful state at bedtime or nap time. Nature sounds are a favorite such as ocean waves, waterfalls, rain drops,a gently flowing bubbly brook and birds songs are all sounds that are natural and we as adults find relaxing and so will baby.

When Baby Matures

As your baby matures or when your baby is awake there is an abundance of nursery rhymes or music from kids' movies that can stimulate his senses. Simple and rhythmic music with voices tuned to a baby and his understanding that he or she can relate to are good.

White Noise

So called white noise is non irritating to a baby. How may times have you seen babies sleeping through all kinds of clamor and noise. It always amazes me to see a baby sleeping in his seat in the supermarket. oblivious to the sounds around him. I wish I could sleep like that! Fans in a baby's room are a mild stimulus (not directed right at the baby), or from sound CD recordings of white noise are restful. You don't need to create an artificially silent environment for the baby, however, since that can make it harder for them to get to sleep. The normal household sounds are something that your baby will relate to as a normal "hum" of activity is something they will grow into and they will accept readily.

This is a great time for you to explore all the types of music and observe what the effect is on your baby. Your baby will let you know in his or her own subtle way what is and isn't pleasing. The same music that's helping your baby get to sleep can help soothe your own nerves and provide a wonderful time of bonding and restfulness for you and your baby together.

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